Poetry award -Castlemaine Poetry Prize 2015

Very happy to receive the Castlemaine Poetry Prize 2015, Highly Commended award. This is CPP’s 5th year, and ‘The Purring of a Cat‘ the 8th award I have received in this contest.  2015 Castlemaine Poetry Prize -Highly Commended




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5 Responses to Poetry award -Castlemaine Poetry Prize 2015

  1. Brendan Leavy says:

    Well done Joan. Do we get to read it?

    Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2015 06:25:44 +0000 To: bjleavy@bigpond.com

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  2. Carolyn-River Laughter Club says:


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  3. Cazza says:

    whrn I try to see it. Google twlls me that I need permission. Don’t worry Joan
    I will see it when I see you. Sorry I missed your😦Birthday.
    Love you


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