New protection from embers and flames

If you are needing to repair or rebuild after bushfires, a new, Australian Standards approved product could be very helpful.Copy of Fireshield

Fireshield Fire Render, newly granted BAL-FZ accreditation, is designed to protect homes from both ember entry and flame impact. As a bonus, its insulating properties are claimed to keep the home up to 70 – 80% cooler in  summer and warmer in winter.

It can be applied to new buildings and retrofitted.

The small, Aussie-battler manufacturers  say it is the only render tested officially in a furnace that simulated flame zone conditions reaching temperatures of 1100-1200 degrees.  They cite Test Report WFRA F91864 to confirm Fireshield’s fire resistance  level of -/240/180 in accordance with AS1530.4-1997.

Seems to me a very good bushfire safety investment.

For details, see, contact Noel at 0417 369 659, email, or click on



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