Save Central Victoria’s Red Cross Patient Transport Service

Red Cross car
The 17   drivers who volunteer their time to drive patients to essential medical appointments in Central Victoria. They will lose the volunteering they love; vulnerable ill people will lose a vital, life-saving service.
Red Cross Victoria has ordered the withdrawal of the Red Cross Patient Transport Service from the Shires of Mt Alexander and Macedon Ranges from June 17. The volunteer-driven car, based in Castlemaine, takes people with no other way of getting to their medical appointments, to vital appointments such as, diagnostic assessments, MRI scans, oncology, radio- and chemo-therapy, specialist treatment in Melbourne and Bendigo.  Loss of the Red Cross car will leave many people in life-threatening situations, and others in great distress.

We therefore ask the Victorian Government, in keeping with the Labour Party’s election   campaign mantra: ‘health and education’, to fund the continuation of the Castlemaine Red Cross Patient Transport Service.

WE HAVE WON! Castlemaine region may lose its actual Red Cross Patient Transport car, but WILL HAVE THE SAME SERVICE. Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards brought the matter up in Victorian State Parliament yesterday. The service will be saved by State Government funding, and run through the local hospital, Castlemaine Health. This is a long-term arrangement. The government will fund a vehicle and convenor, with Castlemaine Health using the current local co-ordinator and same local drivers, thus providing the same friendly and efficient service.

A big Thank You to all who signed the petition and added comments. This gave the cause a great impetus and authenticity.

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