Your home or your life – not automatic alternatives.

bushfire cloud close

Recent newsaper quote from bushfire evacuee: ‘It was time to get out, it’s not worth your life”

THE SAVING OF YOUR HOME OR YOUR LIFE IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC ALTERNATIVE. The fear that protecting your home necessarily endangers you is not supported by facts. Research over 100 YEARS has shown that most people who die during a bushfire have not followed safe procedure – indeed, that many have acted foolishly.

ALMOST ALL WEAR FLIMSY CLOTHING that left them exposed to deadly radiant heat.
APPROXIMATELY 1/2 SHELTER DANGEROUSLY places such as sheds, outhouses, and in inner rooms  and almost one third in bathrooms.
AT LEAST 80% of defended homes ARE SAFELY SAVED.

BUSHFIRE DEATHS ARE RARE for any able-bodied, thoroughly prepared, planned and practiced persons who have followed recommended procedure whether defending or sheltering.

Three core dangers to your safety
Radiant heat
Smoke inhalation
Three core contributions to your safety:
Protective clothing and a strong pure wool blanket.
Drinking water.
Nose mask
Three core aspects of safe home defence:
Protective clothing
Dousing embers fallen near the house, not fighting outer flames.
Three core aspects of safe shelter:
Staying by a door that  exits to outside with drinking water.
Exiting in protective clothing or wrapped in a pure wool blanket.
Exiting to a sheltered or already burnt or area.
Be aware that vacated houses are the most vulnerable to destruction.
See bushfire scientist’s research paper
See THE COMPLETE BUSHFIRE SAFETY BOOK– the in-depth, authority-backed, bushfire safety information: ‘The most authoritative publication of its type available’.
See ESSENTIAL BUSHFIRE SAFETY TIPS – The endorsed ready reference: ‘An outstanding achievement …that could certainly help save lives within the community’.

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