An inexpensive way to ember-proof


Bushfire threatens house -Orange NSW

A relatively easy and inexpensive way to ember-proof your home in preparation for the bushfire season is this new, Australian Standards approved product FIRESHIELD FIRE RENDER
FIRESHIELD FIRE RENDER, installed over existing cladding, it protects homes from both ember entry and flame impact. With BAL-FZ accreditation, it can be both applied to new buildings and retrofitted.
As a bonus, its insulating properties are claimed to keep the home up to 70 – 80% cooler in summer and warmer in winter
The small, Aussie-battler manufacturers say it is the only render tested officially in a furnace that simulated flame zone conditions reaching temperatures of 1100-1200 degrees. They cite Test Report WFRA F91864 to confirm Fireshield’s fire resistance level of -/240/180 in accordance with AS1530.4-1997.

Copy of Fireshield

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