Great launch today of my poetry chapbook, Summoning the Whirlwind (MPU).


Photo by Wilma Brantner

“Joan Katherine Webster’s poems are chock-full of thingyness; of a tangible Now within time; of commonplace objects rubbed to a sacred gloss. If she summons the whirlwind, it will try to whirl away the pleasing solids of our daily lives, for she has lived with them, knows them and touches them. Her poetry sparkles for us all.” – Chris Wallace-Crabbe.


Cover photo

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“Here is a poet in love with language, absorbed in the whirlwind of “the mystic skill of rhyme”, rhythms and subtle imagery, the quick-quick tick / against slow tock, casting her hypnotic spell over hills, street crowds, music and seascapes, ‘The Woman Alone on the Beach’ counting the waves crawl, crabwise. Be prepared to be equally absorbed.” – Rob Wallis.

“When I read Summoning the Whirlwind, I was reminded of the words of U.S. author/radio broadcaster, Garrison Keilor who said: “A poem is not a puzzle that the dutiful reader is obliged to solve … It should render the gravity, the grace, and the beauty of the ordinary world, thereby lending courage to strangers.” Joan Katherine Webster’s work is accessible to all and the intellectual and emotional content of the material produced by her creates an affinity of being with readers who never expected that anyone else shared their feelings or perceptions. Thus, she lends courage to strangers.” – Noel Tennison.


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