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The Complete Bushfire Safety Book 3rd edition (Random House 2000) 
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips 3rd edition (CSIRO 2012)

Articles by Joan Webster OAM
Bushfires and Bureaurocrats Joan Webster OAM, Quadrant Online, February 16, 2014
To Flee or Not to Flee? Joan Webster OAM, Natural Hazards Observer, Colorado, USA, September 2013
Unearthing Fire Clues From the Ashes Joan Webster OAM, The Age, February 15, 2013
The Burning Issue Joan Webster OAM, Canberra Times January 19, 2013
Expert Slams Advice Joan Webster OAM, Canberra Times, January 12, 2013
Beware the Official Advice on Bushfire Safety Safety Joan Webster OAM, the Age, Dec 30, 2013
Our Bushfire ‘Experts’ Have Got it Wrong, Joan Webster OAM, The Age, October 26, 2012; Sydney Morning Herald, October 25, 2012

Book reviews and readers’ comments
Review of Essential Bushfire Safety Tips
Natural Hazards Observer, University of Colorado,  USA, September 13, 2013
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The Complete Bushfire Safety Book: BUSHFIRE AUTHORITIES.doc
The Complete Bushfire Safety Book: CFA endorsement 1
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The CompleteBushfire Safety Book: HOUSEHOLDERS.doc
The Complete Bushfire Safety Book: MEDIA.doc
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Submission to OESC Fire Refuge Review Joan Webster OAM, 2010
Professor David Bowman, The Conversation  Online, January 15, 2014
Slogans Fall Short for Bushfire Safety Dr Kevin Tolhurst, The Age, January 12, 2014
Issues in Community Bushfire Safety McLennan, G. Elliott, M. Omodei, 2009 Victorian bushfires research task force, 2011.
Review of fatalities in the February 7, 2009, bushfires John Handmer, Saffron O’Neil and Damien Killalea, 2010
Planning Guidelines, City of Capetown