Community service

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2016-1986 Campaigns, writes, broadcasts, gives talks & presentations on bushfire safety awareness for the public and other matters of community need such as petition to save the Castlemaine region Red Cross Patient Transport Service.

2010 Order of Australia Medal, ‘For service to the community through raising awareness of bushfire safety’.

1990 Australian Fire Protection Association Community Service Award.

1988 Surveyed designated bushfire refuges in the outer Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, most of which were potential but death-trap and many of which were schools, resulting in their eventual decommissioning and the construction (from information in The Complete Australian Bushfire Book) $¼ million specially constructed refuges at several schools.

1983-64 Campaigned to authorities to improve the then meagre bushfire safety information for the pubic.

1977 Investigated from sick-bed to trace child abuser selling split-tailed leather straps for beating children (offered with instructions on how to inflict it and avoid detection of the wounds inflicted). Subsequent report to police and news story resulted in successful prosecution of perpetrator.

1972-64 Committee member, publicity officer, St John’s Children’s Home Auxiliary.

1970-71 Honorary Secretary Victorian Branch of the Australian Writers’ Guild.

1970s Campaigned for seven years with the assistance of a driving instructor source to bring to light dangerous laws in the car drivers’ licence testing system. Her news report tabled in the Victorian parliament brought about important legal safety changes.

1968 Campaigned through newspaper articles and photos to help achieve a municipal referendum that which successfully reversed council’s decisions on purchase of land for a Works Depot, saving prime residential land: the  Saxonwood  estate on Blackburn Rd North-East  Doncaster.

1967 Instigated formation of Doncaster and Templestowe Historical Society, committee member, publicity officer.

1965 Campaigned for six months to improve appalling conditions on Doncaster and Doncaster East buses. Phoned, photographed, wrote, collated, analyzed, authored and presented to the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board, a 30,000 word report, resulting in a new 32-bus fleet of what was described as  ‘of the finest city buses in Australia’.

1965 Campaigned for and lobbied Doncaster & Templestowe Council to transform an effluent-streaked easement between house blocks to an access track to nearby bushwalk.

1964 Foundation Member, Doncaster and Templestowe Civil Defence for Bushfire (the first organisation of its type, worldwide).

1964-67 Committee member, publicity officer, Progress Association East Doncaster.

1964 Designed and campaigned for ‘Children Crossing’ signs a traffic blind spot approaching Beverley Hills Primary School,in Rosella Street.

1964 Designed and campaigned for widening of Cassowary Street, East Doncaster outside Beverley Hills Primary School.

1964 Campaigned for and designed playground-park from swampy waste land, divert a drainage pit, drain the swampy area and construct an all-weather path through it from Maxia Road to Beverley Hills school, East Doncaster.

1964 Designed and campaigned for permission to construct off-road safe-access steps up embankment for Beverley Hill, East Doncaster, primary school children, drew up plans, collected money for materials, organized and oversaw working bees for construction.

1964 Instigated realignment of Doncaster-Blackburn Road the intersection and installation of traffic lights.

1943 Presented at Government House, Victoria, ‘For services to Girl Guiding’.

1942 Founded St Andrew’s Girl Guide Company, Williamstown.

1939 Founded Junior Red Cross, Hawthorn.

1936 Instigated public enquiry into poor nursing practices at Colac Hospital, bringing about reforms.