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It was out of my community activism in the raw new suburb in which my husband and I had built our married home that, in 1965, I became a journalist.

Ch 97 montage

We had three local newspapers at the time, and for five years I’d sent each of them reports of interesting happenings from Mothers’ Club speakers to community working bees, and letters on safety and amenities that needed attention.

In the new year of 1965, I sent photos and a report to the Doncaster East Yarra News about a dangerous situation at a school and the editor, just back from holidays with no news and no ideas and pleased to find my stories on his desk, called me. Would I like to work for him as casual news correspondent: two cents a published line and $5 a photo.

With unrelenting guidance, he turned a story writer, poet and satirist into a hard-hitting reporter. Still on my 2c a line ‘contributor’ basis, it was a thrill and a vindication to soon begin winning Australian Journalists’ Association awards.

My 25 years as news reporter/photographer and investigative journalist, gained for me a reputation for ‘getting  things done’. Some, not so admiring, preferred to call me ‘stirrer’.
Most readers did write appreciatively.

Articles praise 2

Best News Story of the Year award [Melbourne Suburbans and Geelong] 1971
Honourable Mention 1972
Honourable Mention 1979


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